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Makers Of Fine Wands Since MMXVII A.D.


Thank You for Visiting .... A Little About Us

          All Our Wands are Hand Crafted and Made from Re-Cycled Wood. Most have Been Drumsticks in their old lives .We collect Worn Used and Broken sticks from Musicians all around the World and Lovingly Carve them into Beautiful Wands.

         Some have been used for Gigs, Some for Practice, Some for recording songs  and even a few Orchestral Performances. We at AdhiVande believe Music already has an Inherent 'Magic' to it, so are Elated to Re-Purpose these Cherished Possessions.      

        Although there are a Dozen designs to choose from. We are happy to create a completely Bespoke and Original piece for you if you so wish. (added cost involved)

How do You Get One ...?

AdhiVande​ Wands are available to order. Once you have Selected a Design You are Happy with (see WANDS Gallery) Simply send an Email to us at : with the relevent details (see Box under this one) ...or if you'd Prefer you can Fill out Our Contact Form (on the CONTACT page) and we will get back to you within a short time.

What Else Should You know ... ?
  • AdhiVande Wands are Priced Between £65.00 & £95.00 GBP        Each Depending on their Intricacy and Detail (Excluding P&P).

  • We Need to Know what Wand you Would Like to be Made for you.

  • Whether you would like it made from Dark or Light Wood.

  • Your Favourite Feature of The Wand.

  • A Shipping Address and Contact Email.

  • Your Preferred Method of Payment.  

  • If you Would Like to Design your Own Wand (Based Around Our Current Designs) Please Email/Contact and We Will Send you a Blank Template to Fill in and Return to us.  (PLEASE NOTE THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL £10.00  FOR THIS COMPLETE SERVICE)

  • All Wands are Unique and Individual. Please be aware that although the Wand you choose will be Similar to the Picture in the Gallery ... It will NOT be IDENTICAL  .. Hand Carving is an Art Form and as such, variations in the wood itself often lead the way in Determining the Final Outcome .  ( But it'll be close !)


Custom Presentation Box or Bag ...?

AdhiVande​ Wands come Beautifully Presented in a Handmade Silver Coloured  Organza Bag.

For an Added £45.00 GBP a Bespoke Wooden Presentation Case can be Carved and Made by Hand only fitting YOUR exact wand.

(see pic)

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